Lily of the Valley Inspired

There are so many plants blooming right now that I couldn’t help but take a whole whack of beads n’ flowers photos on the weekend. This week will heavily feature flowers, but next week will feature the Trollbeads Deep Ocean bead.  

For this bracelet I wanted to use mostly white but with a bit of yellow and green, just the the flower itself. I just adore the scent and the Lily of the Valley is a real highlight of the spring for me!

There are 3 brands of beads here-True Beadz, Trollbeads and Pandora. 

Left to right are the Trollbeads Aztec, True Beadz True Air Siberia, Pandora Disney Belle Murano, True Beadz True Touch Siberia, Trollbeads Peter/Neverending/Gold Silver Trace

After the Gold Silver Trace are True Beadz True Taste Siberia, a Trollbeads unique, True Beadz True Blossom Siberia, Trollbeads Honey Dawn. 

Next to the Neverending are Trollbeads Turquoise Green Dot, Pandora White Facet, Pandora Disney Belle Murano, Trollbeads White Steel/Lucky Knot. 

Also enjoying the Lily of the Valley were OhmGnome and his lady friend L’il Devil. Here they are with the Ohm Beads Animal Aptitude Set. The orange bead on the left is called Live Your Fantasy and on the far right is Ganges. I wish there could be a scratch and sniff feature, maybe some time in the future! 

6 responses to Lily of the Valley Inspired

  1. sarahrigler says:

    Your photos and beads really are wonderful! You have an excellent eye for colour and design.
    I too, love Lily of the Valley, no matter what sort of a Spring we have in Ontario, we are guaranteed to see them on the 23rd of May. I have a little vase with white and pink ones beside me on the table as I write this. Thank-you for giving me so much beauty to admire with each of your blogs. We seem to like many of the same beads, I just ordered the Trollbeads Turquoise Green dot last night, my birthday gift to me! Enjoy this perfect Holiday Monday Martha.


  2. Martha, your bracelet is just breathtaking! Is the Turquoise Green Dot a new bead? It is so lovely! I think that I definitely need to add it to my collection!


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Carol! The Turquoise Green Dot is an old one, I think. I bought it last year on sale for about $15!


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