Random Bangles and Flowers

Today I’ve got random and unrelated bangles to go with the flowers at my house. It’s miscellaneous Wednesday! First up are some True Beadz in the Touch finish in Sky Blue, Royal Viola, Lilac and Purple Dream (top to bottom). 

Here is an all Trollbeads bangle with Sunbeam, Rainbow Bridge, Violet Stripe, Sweet Berries, Pink Delight Facet, Heart, Wise Bamboo, Graceful Sky and Dot’n’Dot

Next is the Trollbeads Copper Bangle with Sweet Berries, Honey Dawn, Sea Anemone, Gold Silver Trace and Sunbeam

I then took this shot because the pink petals are from the tree in the above photo. They all fell off onto our neighbours driveway. It was glorious watching them gracefully fall in the breeze! This is a Trollbeads Orange bead. 

Now for a True Beadz bangle using shades of Blue Mist with the Marmor in the middle. I have no idea what this plant is but I really like it as it feels very soft. 

Here’s a Trollbeads bangle with a bee theme. The background is a ground cover that is quite the brilliant shade of yellow green. Top to bottom are Milan, Beehive, Honey Dawn, Bumble Bee and Black Silk. 

Next is another True Beadz bangle with the two white beads from the Siberia line and the middle one is Touch Sunlight Spot

Finally, here’s a weird but I like it combo of two Pandora Petite Facets, two Trollbeads Faceted Auroras and a Trollbeads unique in the middle. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the random bangles and let me know if you have a favourite!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. What lovely combos and photos! They are all delightful, but my favorite was the first combo, with the assortment of blue and purple True Beadz Touch beads. My favorite True Beadz design is Taste, so that’s what most of my handful of True Beadz are, but the more I see the Touch beads, the more I like them. I really think I must get a few soon! I just got my copper bangle out last weekend and polished it up so that I can start wearing it for the summer. I have the silver one too and really like having the choice of metals.

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    1. Hi Kim! I really love the feel of the Touch beads and then find them so useful because of their solid colour. Copper sounds so nice for the summer! I will have to see how the copper does in the summer where I live as some days it gets really hot and humid and I’m worried it might make me turn green!

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      1. I wore my copper bangle a lot last summer, and never had a problem with my skin turning green. I think that’s just a personal thing about how your skin reacts, since I saw some people were posting that their bangle turned black immediately and left marks on their skin. My bangle will tarnish and become duller (but never black) if I wear it when it’s really hot outside, but luckily it’s easy to polish. A little white vinegar and salt and it’s as good as new!

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    2. Hi Kim! Thank you so much for liking True Beadz! 🙂
      Touch and Taste build a nice contrast together:) but if I had to choose, I’d vote for Touch. I like to touch (haha) their surface, does not feel like glass at all! If you decide to add any to your collection, please share what you think of them! ❤


  2. Each photo and bracelet is a delight! I can’t pick a favourite but I really do like the last one because the Unique really pops! The Bee one is so beautiful and makes me hungry for my Bumble Bee stoppers. I go next week to pick them up . I don’t own any bright yellow beads or black and of course they look spectacular with the bee, I will use mine with pinks and green I think, as I really need to resist buying too many at one time!


  3. Hi Martha!
    Your copper bangle is so gorgeous. Love the Honey Dawn and Gold Silver Trace with the Sea Anemone! It works so well and is very unique! I have been thinking about getting the copper bangle. Definitely on my list! Perhaps I will start with the copper stoppers. I like the way that you add them to your silver bangles! Sometimes something so simple makes quite a dramatic impact on the overall design. 😀


    1. Thanks Carol. I think that might be my favourite bangle of this group. The copper is really amazing. I keep it in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t tarnish quickly!


  4. Hi Martha! Thank you for sharing your versatile bangles. I honestly tried to choose one as my favourite to let you know, but they are all so unusual and pleasant to look at))) even the final weird combo – so cute and fresh) and there’s also one thing I’ve discovered for myself in your post. Honey yellow turns out to go well with pink! which I didn’t know 😉


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