Today I’ve got random and unrelated bangles to go with the flowers at my house. It’s miscellaneous Wednesday! First up are some True Beadz in the Touch finish in Sky Blue, Royal Viola, Lilac and Purple Dream (top to bottom). 

Here is an all Trollbeads bangle with Sunbeam, Rainbow Bridge, Violet Stripe, Sweet Berries, Pink Delight Facet, Heart, Wise Bamboo, Graceful Sky and Dot’n’Dot

Next is the Trollbeads Copper Bangle with Sweet Berries, Honey Dawn, Sea Anemone, Gold Silver Trace and Sunbeam

I then took this shot because the pink petals are from the tree in the above photo. They all fell off onto our neighbours driveway. It was glorious watching them gracefully fall in the breeze! This is a Trollbeads Orange bead. 

Now for a True Beadz bangle using shades of Blue Mist with the Marmor in the middle. I have no idea what this plant is but I really like it as it feels very soft. 

Here’s a Trollbeads bangle with a bee theme. The background is a ground cover that is quite the brilliant shade of yellow green. Top to bottom are Milan, Beehive, Honey Dawn, Bumble Bee and Black Silk. 

Next is another True Beadz bangle with the two white beads from the Siberia line and the middle one is Touch Sunlight Spot

Finally, here’s a weird but I like it combo of two Pandora Petite Facets, two Trollbeads Faceted Auroras and a Trollbeads unique in the middle. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the random bangles and let me know if you have a favourite!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.