I love the cute Ohm Beads Saul the Narwhal! I swear he has a little smile. And look at the way his tail curves around so gracefully. 

Clearly a water themed bracelet is in order for this little guy. Below left to right are Ohm Beads’ Blue Hole, Reflections, Saul the Narwhal, Luminous and Blue Hole. 

This is a combo I wore one day. He definitely needs some space on a bracelet. You don’t want to pack him in too tightly with his tusk! He’s not really pokey though and I didn’t have any troubles with him snagging on anything. Mind you, we’re into t-shirt weather here, not long sleeves, but I don’t think he’d be a problem as the tusk kind of fits in amongst the beads. 

Here’s another water themed bracelet. The Dangles are from Dangles by Louise. The two centre True Beadz are Treasures and then True Touch Eastern Sea on the left and True Touch Quiet Flows the Don. It had just stopped raining when I took this picture so the colours look incredibly vivid. I love cloudy days for photos!

I do think Saul the Narwhal might end up being one of my favourite Ohm Beads. He’s very different from other beads that I’ve seen and since getting the Deep Ocean I realize I basically have no ocean themed silver beads, so he’s a welcome addition to my collection!

Here is today’s promo from Ohm Beads:

Free Snap Clasp Bracelet w/ $120 purchase. Fine print: Spend $120 or more and receive complimentary Snap Clasp Bracelet. To take advantage of this promotion add comment “Marthnick Snap Clasp Bracelet size … ” to your order of $120 or more. This promo is available on only. All sales are final. No substitutions may be made. Promotions may not be combined. DO NOT ADD SNAP CLASP BRACELET TO CART or you will be charged for it. Sale starts on July 3rd at 1AM Seattle Time and ends at July 3rd 11PM 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. Perfect bracelets for Saul 🙂 I really like the icier blues of the second combo with him.

    He is the one that caught my eye when the collection launched. I love how he sits on the bracelet, too.


  2. Hi Martha,
    I was so excited when I saw they made this adorable narwhal, it’s my fave from the collection and I ordered it right away along with the agave glass charm ( which looks kinda like the bottom of the ocean) they go really well together and I love his little tusk ( nose?) so much that I was debating getting one more and having each nose point towards each other with ocean glass inbetween , I think that would look so cool!!
    I love the way you styled him wit all the ocean blue beads, I love the two inner beads which both resemble sunny ocean blues 🙂
    I hope ohm continues to do more unique animal beads, I wish they did a honey badger instead of a badger…


    1. Wow, I think two narwhals facing each other would look awesome! I had to Google what the pointy thing is called and Wikipedia says it’s a tusk from an elongated upper left canine! I’d love to see more of this style of animal too, especially ones that live in the ocean.


  3. It really is a handsome bead and perfect for your bracelet! I don’t have many silver, character beads, not sure why, maybe if I had younger children, or, since I am old enough, a grandchild, I would collect more! I do love all of the wonderful glass beads you have chosen for him to swim amongst.


    1. I really adore the narwhal, I must say. But, as you’re alluding to, character beads are a bit tricky to use. I can easily throw together a bracelet with a duo of silver flower or patterned beads and do all the time, but find the character beads best used as stand alones. Having said that, if I kept bracelets together then it would be fun to have a whole silver bracelet of little characters!

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