True Beadz July 

The July 2016 True Beadz release consists of four silver beads and three glass beads. I know some people have already ordered them as they are hard to resist! Today I will concentrated on photos of the glass beads and Friday will have photos of the silver beads plus some mixed brand bracelets incorporating these beads. They go really well with Deep Ocean, just saying. 😀

Here is the whole set. Left to right are Octopus, Alchemy Breeze, Shells n’ Star, Equator, Sea Life Dangle, Alchemy Waterfall and Baby Octopus. They can be seen and purchased on the True Beadz website here.

Something really fun arrived with my beads and that was a special Russian treat! It is made of apples and was just delicious! This is how the beads arrive, wrapped in brown paper, twine and sealed with a wax imprint. The other beads in the package are a True Touch Gooseberry and three True Treasures. I’ll have them on the blog another day. The Treasures are found on occasion at Great Lakes Boutique and there will be a lot of them at the Bead Bash event in September. I can’t wait to meet Julia, her husband, Jenny and Mike!

So, for the glass beads, I don’t have the words for how much I love them. The bubbles inside the Alchemy beads are so fizzy and frothy.

Check out Alchemy Breeze in this photo using my iPhone olloclip macro lens.

Here they are with a shot taken in a pool. And look at the lovely tan lines on my feet, lol!

They look amazing in the sun.

Here is a grouping made with some other True Beadz. I like to show beads in different lighting situations so it’s easier to make a decision before purchasing online. This photo below was taken in early evening. The outer beads are True Touch Eastern Sea, then True Touch Taiga, then True Treasures.

Here is the same group but in the early evening sun. Note in the photo below the Equator bead is turned the way it was meant to be, with the blue side beside the Alchemy Waterfall and the green side beside the Alchemy Breeze.

Finally, here’s a last burst of colour with some pieces of blue glass. I hope everyone has enjoyed these photos. I sure enjoy looking at these gorgeous beads! Let me know if you are planning on getting any!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. I love the Alchemy beads! The colors are fabulous and the bubbles give it terrific depth. I was going to try to wait until September to purchase these, but my will power is weakening. 🙂 They just look like such perfect summer beads! The seashell silvers are adorable too. I normally don’t wear many dangles – I sit at a desk for much of the day and tend to find them annoying when writing or on the computer. But something about the TrueBeadz dangles just really appeals to me.


    1. The Sea Life Dangle would also look great on a necklace, I think! That’s what I love about modular jewelry, we can wear them on a bracelet one day and a necklace the next. These Alchemy beads will be hard to resist, I think!


    2. Kim, thank you so much!
      I don’t wear a lot of dangles myself for the same reason, but I love them so much!! I want to create a bracelet that only has dangles on it! But will have to wait for some new items to complete my idea:)))

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  2. The Alchemy beads are wonderful,Max are all of your photos with them. I am looking forward to seeing them in person and, yes, on The List. The final three photos are my dream bracelets and I will be able to look at them whenever I want now!


    1. Thank you, Sarah! After these brilliant photos I start to worry what everyone thinks when swing the beads in person! 🤔


  3. All your pictures are absolutely brilliant! More beads to add to my list! Julia is so talented, each release gets better and better!


    1. Mandy, you are too kind to me!! Thank you so much for your kind words!!! Honestly, I don’t know myself yet what we will have next or even if we will have the fall release this year or not…


  4. I don’t know how Julia did it, amazing glass that Equator is such perfection! It looks just like the waters of the Virgin Islands, so clear, such true color. Gorgeous.


  5. I adore this collection! The glass and silver beads are wonderful and cohesive. There are so many TrueBeadz on my wishlist now! I’m hoping I can hunt one of those TrueTreasurez with the CZ in them or the fish!


    1. For the weekend of Sept 17 there will be a bunch of them available and maybe even before (I don’t know the plans). You could always try emailing GLB to ask what their plans are for putting them up for sale. My friend has always had good luck with that as they seem very friendly. 😀


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