It’s no secret that I love purple glass, so when I heard that Ohm Beads were going to be making some purple glass beads in their iconic barrel shape I was very excited! There is a lot of variation in these beads though and the stock photo showed some to be more yellow than purple. So, if you want to get one that is more purple or more yellow I would be sure to mention that wherever you buy them. I asked for ones with lots of purple and was super happy with what I received. In the photo below the one in the middle is called Dreamscape and the ones on either end are called Purple Haze. 

I had to take these photos at various times of the day as I was working, so here is how they look in different kinds of light. The days are getting shorter so it was a bit tricky, ha ha! Those are two new spacers below, Mech Tech on the bottom and Hot Topic, but I’ll have better pics of them a different day. 

Here are some macro shots of the Purple Haze. There are some blue and golden shades in it! 

Dreamscape appears to have a bit of green. 

So, now let’s try them with some other glass beads. First up are the Pandora Geometric Facets with a Purple Haze. I think the Purple Haze brings out the blue of the Opalescent Pink Crystal. 

The new Ohm Beads also look great with the Perlen Beauty Beads

Again, in different light the beads can seem to change. 

Finally, I wanted to see how the Purple Haze and Dreamscape beads would play with the Aurora type Trollbeads. Pretty well, I’d say! Starting at the top and going clockwise are Aurora, Amber Violets, Aurora Flower, Honey Dawn, all Trollbeads. Next is an Ohm Beads Purple Haze, a Pandora Disney Belle Murano, Ohm Beads Dreamscape, Pandora Disney Belle Murano, another Ohm Beads Purple Haze and then more Trollbeads. They are Gold/Silver Trace, Sea Anemone, Moonlight Bubbles and Faceted Aurora. 

So, personally, I absolutey love these beads and will use them a LOT. You just have to be careful about ordering online as there can be a lot of variation in the colour, but I think most retailers are willing to help people out as they want them to be happy! What do you think, are these beads calling your name? 

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadians!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.