Ohm Beads has a tradition of releasing a cooked turkey bead just before the American Thanksgiving holiday. I wish I had bought the very first one as it was a cooked turkey on a platter and is now a much coveted collector’s item. Tom the Dead is the BOTM for November and is $70 USD/ $90 CAN. Some people have a whole collection of each turkey and this year the bead has a twist. It’s like a combination of a Mexican Sugar Skull with a turkey who is still alive. The detail is amazing!

The feathers at the back are worth a look. I love the swirl in the middle. 

The box is shaped like a coffin and inspired the colours for my bracelet. 

I also wanted to use the Typos on the bracelet. They are the coolest spacers and are $30 USD/ $40 CAN each. I find these three look great interspersed between glass beads like from Monday’s post with the Holiday Drinks…

…or grouped together like this. 

With the bracelet I thought I’d use some of the beads that are going to be retiring. So glad I bought the Blue Holes before they are gone for good!

Below left to right are a Trollbeads Sunbeam Spacer, Ohm Beads Luminous, Trollbeads Aurora Flowers, Ohm Beads Blue Hole, Typos, Purple Haze and Tom the Dead. 

Below left to right after Tom the Dead are another Purple Haze, Hot Topic, Chained, Mech Tech, Blue Hole and a Trollbeads Aurora. 

Below left to right after the Aurora are Ohm Beads Reflections and the Trollbeads Sweet Berries Spacer. 

Lastly, I made up a quick bangle to wear the other day using my much loved Purple Haze and Dreamscape beads. Obviously the cost can quickly multiply with the Typos, but is anyone thinking of getting a couple say, to use as initials for their kids or something like that? Coming up Friday will be some new Redbalifrog beads, but it will be a bit later in the day (not my usual 5 am, EST). 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.