In the upcoming (Nov. 28) True Beadz Russian Lullaby collection there are three glass beads plus Goldie Sheep. There are photos of the whole collection a couple of blog posts back and today I thought I’d try out different combinations concentrating on the three glass beads. This bangle below uses all three. Left to right are Blizzard, True Touch Stormy Heavens, Alchemy Snow, another True Touch Stormy Heavens and Black Ice. 

If there is anyone not too familiar with the True Beadz glass there are different styles. The beads in the photo below show the range with the Siberia shade (although Alchemy is called Snow). The Touch finish is matte. Alchemy is super bubbly and frothy. Blossom is flowers. Taste looks like ice or sugar and is a slightly raised texture. Air has the colour more at the core and is surrounded by a bit of clear glass. 

It was super warm on Friday and I went golfing with the kids who didn’t have school that day and this was my bangle. Left to right are Black Ice, True Blossom Linen, Alchemy Snow, True Touch Castle Stone and Blizzard. 

Blizzard looks to have similar colours to the Trollbeads Neptune’s Promise and I tried to tie them together with beads from the Castle Stone shade. 

I thought I’d try the Alchemy Snow with the two other Alchemy beads. Top to bottom are Alchemy Breeze, Dancing Fairies Meadow, Alchemy Snow, a True Treasure and Alchemy Waterfall. I’m just going to come right out and say that I think these beads look incredible in the sun! The bubbles almost look like they’re moving!

Next, this bangle uses some beads from the Linen shade, which I think is so beautiful and unique in the bead world. Left to right are True Touch Linen, Black Ice, True Taste Linen, True Touch Marmor and True Air Linen. 

For the final bracelet I made a full out giant one with soft colours. These are the colours that first caught my eye when True Beadz first appeared on the scene. 

Below left to right are Far Far Away Kingsom Small, True Touch Castle Stone, True Touch Blue Mist, Alchemy Snow, True Taste Castle Stone, True Blossom Blue Mist and Blizzard. 

Below left to right after the Blizzard are True Blossom Linen, True Beadz 2016, True Air Linen, Black Ice and True Taste Blue Mist. 

Below left to right after the True Taste Blue Mist are True Blossom Castle Stone, True Taste Siberia, True Air Blue Mist, True Touch Castle Stone and Roots. 

Here’s another look at the big bracelet. 

I am lucky enough to have the whole colour range of beads in the Touch finish. Here is an updated photo with the new shades of Pumpkin and Castle Stone and a list of the colours by row. Hard to choose a favourite! 

Coming up Wednesday are the silvers from the Russian Lullaby and Friday will be Daylight Brilliance by Trollbeads (which I love!). American friends, the Trollbeads giveaway is still open for a couple of days, from a couple of blog posts back!

Row 1 Stormy Heavens/Royal Viola/Purple Dream/Lilac/Taiga/Blue Mist

Row 2 Eastern Sea/And Quiet Flows the Don/Sky Blue/Baby Blue/Marmor/Princess Kiss

Row 3 Baby Pink/Terracotta/Strawberry /Pumpkin/Sunflower/Sunlight Spot

Row 4 Castle Stone/Dragon Green/Gooseberry/Linen/Sand/Siberia

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.