This year’s Trollbead debuting on the American Black Friday is called Daylight Brilliance ($56 USD/$64 CAN). It’s a faceted bead with some sparkling copper inside and the overall effect is a one of grey or silver glass, depending on the light. I took a whole bunch of photos and think it’s a really pretty bead! The first one is up close and I like the super shiny silvery part that appears to be at the core. 

The bead looks a bit different depending whether it’s on copper or silver and I’ll be curious to hear which way people prefer it. 

It goes really well with beads from the Winter Wonder Kit. I’ve been wearing the Bow Spacer a LOT these days!

In this photo there appears to be some blue, but I think it’s just a reflection from the sky or possibly my coat.

In the soft glow of the setting sun the Daylight Brilliance looks divine. 

Next I tried it with Copper Spacers in between the beads. 

I think the Daylight Brilliance really looks nice with other brown beads like Fossils in the middle, Soul of Sunshine and Scirocco. 

And because I loathe working one job during the day and another at night (during this time of year I get a few gigs, like The Messiah, Bach Christmas Oratorio, etc), I consoled myself with making up this combo for wearing today. I know some people love to be busy, but I’m not one of them. 😀

Lastly, I put it with Sandstone and a Blue Desert. I really love this combo. 

On the website (for Canada and the USA) there are some really good sales this weekend. Do let me know what you think of this bead and/or if you’re going to buy some beads during the sales. I might buy a couple of things…maybe…oh, who am I kidding. 😀 I’ll also try to find out who the lucky winner of the giveaway is, but I’m thinking maybe some American workplaces are closed today? (The giveaway was run by the American office).  Coming up next week will be some more Perlen Beauty Beads, the Trollbeads Wishes and Kisses Kit and then the Ohm Beads Beadmas on Friday!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.