Although there are many places to buy Pandora beads here at Disney World I only bought one, called ‘Epcot, Spaceship Earth’ and wore it on a bangle for my big day out. The boys were all golfing so I had over four hours by myself to wander from country to country at Epcot, walking over 15km in the process. The bead itself is fairly small but a decent weight. I suspect some of the $60 USD price tag is a Disney tax. πŸ˜€

I do love the little monorail though. 

On the bangle I used the two Pandora Petite Facets I picked up at a Perlen sale plus two Trollbeads Smile of Stars. 

So, starting out in Canada, check out the beautiful gardens. 

England had a more manicured look. 

Then I went to a Mexico for lunch and had a lovely view of the lagoon. 

The next country is Norway and I particularly love the architecture here. At night we had Fast Passes for the Frozen ride. The standby wait time was five HOURS. There’s no way I’d wait five hours for any ride, I must say. 

In China they have recreated part of the Temple of Heaven park. 

Each country has several shops and the goods are all from that specific county. I loved the colourful array of lipstick cases in one of the Chinese shops. They were only $3 but I didn’t buy one. 

After China I walked over to Germany. The best place to go is this store, Karamell-KΓΌche, which sells nothing but caramel treats. Yum!

Right beside it is a shop that sells Christmas ornaments. They are so darling! I bought the one with the little mushroom. 

Beside Germany is Italy and again, the architecture is gorgeous. 

I loved this little nook with the statue and flowers. 

In America they have fabulous Liberty Bell hanging planters. 

In Japan I wanted to take a photo using the Maneki-neko and Daruma Beads from Star Bijou!

The Morocco pavilion is quite special as the King sent over his own artisans and workers to work on the mosaics. 

The interior shows a typical courtyard. 

Lastly, in France there is a large assortment of the most beautifully coloured poinsettias. 

There are also some lovely shops. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick trip around the world! As many times as I’ve been here I still feel like I haven’t explored everything. Lest anyone think this has turned into a travel blog, here are the bracelets I was wearing! πŸ˜€