I’ve had the Indigo Kit for a while and recently purchased two Trollbeads Azure Bubbles.  The Indigo Kit is such a classic, in my opinion and so easy to use. It consists of six beads that give a cohesive look when used together but each bead is so lovely and can be used on its own or with other beads. Here they are together on a bangle.

Left to right below the beads are called Wave of Dreams, The Eye, Cozy, Blue Moonstone, Flower of Dawn and Traces.

The Azure Bubbles is a bead I’ve been wanting for ages. I’ve only been in stores that sell Trollbeads a handful of times though and it’s one I wanted to pick out in person. Lately, an American store called Blooming Boutique Beads has been posting live shots of some amazing ones on their daily online parties. I finally caved and bought two! They are absolutely dreamy!

I wore them both on a bangle with the Blue Moonstone in the middle. The silver bead on the left is Symphony of Hearts and the other one is Rise Together.

Then I made up a bracelet using all of these beads, plus a few more. This is kind of an ice fishing photo!

Below left to right are Neverending, Wave  of Dreams, Beach, Azure Bubbles, Smile of Stars and Traces.

Below left to right after the Traces are Flower of Dawn, Cozy, Smile of Stars and another Azure Bubbles.

Below left to right after the Azure Bubbles are Blue Moonstone, The Eye and Neverending.

For a couple of days in a row I paired the bracelet with an X Link bracelet in the Steel Blue colour. Now, the trick for me will be to NOT keep ordering more Azure Bubbles! Does anyone else have an addiction to these or other beads? Tracy of @blackbootslonglegs collects Blue Deserts, for example. I think Azure Bubbles will become my ‘must see if I’m in a store’ bead.