Trollbeads Azure Bubbles and Indigo Kit

I’ve had the Indigo Kit for a while and recently purchased two Trollbeads Azure Bubbles.  The Indigo Kit is such a classic, in my opinion and so easy to use. It consists of six beads that give a cohesive look when used together but each bead is so lovely and can be used on its own or with other beads. Here they are together on a bangle.

Left to right below the beads are called Wave of Dreams, The Eye, Cozy, Blue Moonstone, Flower of Dawn and Traces.

The Azure Bubbles is a bead I’ve been wanting for ages. I’ve only been in stores that sell Trollbeads a handful of times though and it’s one I wanted to pick out in person. Lately, an American store called Blooming Boutique Beads has been posting live shots of some amazing ones on their daily online parties. I finally caved and bought two! They are absolutely dreamy!

I wore them both on a bangle with the Blue Moonstone in the middle. The silver bead on the left is Symphony of Hearts and the other one is Rise Together.

Then I made up a bracelet using all of these beads, plus a few more. This is kind of an ice fishing photo!

Below left to right are Neverending, Wave  of Dreams, Beach, Azure Bubbles, Smile of Stars and Traces.

Below left to right after the Traces are Flower of Dawn, Cozy, Smile of Stars and another Azure Bubbles.

Below left to right after the Azure Bubbles are Blue Moonstone, The Eye and Neverending.

For a couple of days in a row I paired the bracelet with an X Link bracelet in the Steel Blue colour. Now, the trick for me will be to NOT keep ordering more Azure Bubbles! Does anyone else have an addiction to these or other beads? Tracy of @blackbootslonglegs collects Blue Deserts, for example. I think Azure Bubbles will become my ‘must see if I’m in a store’ bead.

17 responses to Trollbeads Azure Bubbles and Indigo Kit

  1. Elise says:

    Pretty designs! It is nice that Trollbeads keeps a widely varying bead in production for a long time. These beads become part of the personalization in the waiting for ‘the one’ that strikes your eye or is imparted with a just so color. I always look at the Balance of Nature beads when shopping in person. It used to be the Rocky Beach kit, but when I was in Denmark last Fall…I finally found my just so beads from that kit. I was happy to find a fossils with pumpkin colored droplets…all I ever saw at home were ones with purple-y droplets.


    • Martha says:

      Elise, I just looked up your Fossils on your Instagram page and it is very lovely! I don’t have any of the Balance of Nature Kit yet, so maybe I’ll make that an in person buy. We hopefully will be going to NYC this summer so I’ll be able to look at the Trollbeads store there. That must have been so much fun to pick up beads in Denmark!


      • Elise says:

        It was so fun to visit Denmark. I took an empty bracelet with me. 😄 Weirdly, I bought beads that spoke to me not meaning to create a bracelet to keep together. Toward the end of the trip, I took all the beads out, strung them on the bracelet and realized it was all the colors of the Tivoli poster and the beautiful, magical & rainy night we spent there. I cannot imagine taking that bracelet apart…ever.😄😄😄


  2. Alex V. says:

    The first bracelet reminds me of denim jeans, such a lovely combo and of course you were lucky to get such awesome azure bubbles, love the green hints in it.
    I always overlooked cozy because it is not much in the stock photos but it is so unique and beautiful when you see real photos of it that I would consider buying it. 😀


    • Martha says:

      Hi Alex! Yes, Cozy is really gorgeous in real life. It makes me think of sand or for some reason a warm blanket. I don’t use it that much but should make an effort to use it more!


  3. Beadhousebuilder says:

    Your azure bubbles are spectacular. Besides Trollbeads Fest last fall, I have never seen Trollbeads in person and the azure bubbles I purchased has a green tint to it, reminding me of atmospheric halos (nerdy I know). I do love these blue combos, they are so versatile and calming. I have been waiting since November for my first cozy to arrive from overseas when it was left out of my order 🙄. Now that I see how beautiful it is I want it even more. I agree with Tracy that blue desert is spectacular and I will need more than one. For now, I’ve collected sand beach in multiples because I find it so versatile, but again, a big difference between the two that I purchased online. I do have a small shop near me but I am too chicken to go in because I am afraid of the damage I will do to my wallet!


    • Martha says:

      I can’t even imagine what it would be like living near a store that sells Trollbeads. I know that Trisha, Cheryl and I would be in there all the time. Cheryl has an Azure Bubbles that is completely green, like a mossy colour. I need to go check out Tracy’s Blue Deserts again. They are spectacular, as you say.


      • Beadhousebuilder says:

        You know, the only reason I know about the jeweler who sells Trollbeads is because I met Nicholas at TB Fest and he told me about them! They have no signs up. But yes, my fear is that I will be there a LOT! Lol.

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  4. Suzanne says:

    I thought I would take a look at Azure Bubbles on Blooming Boutique. There is such a variation in color that I would want to get multiples…. which I don’t usually do. Also I never paid much attention to Cozy before but now I want to get a few of those. It’s very helpful to see the live shots because there can be such a difference between each bead.


    • Martha says:

      I agree Suzanne. A couple of years ago we were in Singapore and there was a Trollbeads store at a mall that I went to 3 times because it was just so much fun to see all the beads in person. I loved being able to pick out a Sea Anemone from over a dozen of them and was able to get a really vivid pink. I’m glad you now like Cozy!


  5. I still take my Blue Deserts to the store (when I am able to go to stores) 😀 I only have one Azure Bubbles and it’s a bit of a mediocre one. I would love to find one like you found!

    Those are all really beautiful blues, it would be hard to pick a favourite.

    I somehow don’t think that you are done with Azure Bubbles yet 😉


    • Martha says:

      Ha! I’m sure you’re right, Tracy. I’d love to get some of the really pale ones someday. I love your Blue Deserts!


  6. Dawn says:

    Martha, I’m so glad you got your Azure Bubbles after waiting so long! You really got good ones! I love the Cozy bead. I have one that I purchased at a store, but they only had one left. Mine isn’t as pretty as yours and I wish mine had more brown in it, but it has a pretty pattern to it and will have to do (until I find a better one??). It’s amazing sometimes how much variation there is in Trollbeads, both in height, width, color, and patterning. Pandora seems more consistent, but you can find variations there, too. It’s always fun to be at a store to hand pick from several, but we don’t always have that option. I’ve been to two stores that carry Trollbeads, one is 1 1/4 hours away and the other is 2 3/4 hours away. I am fortunate to have a Pandora store in my town. Great post, Martha, and beautiful designs and photos as always!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks Dawn! I agree that it’s fun to hand pick beads, even the Pandora ones. I bought a Mint Shimmer Murano yesterday and asked to see them all. I found one that was a little different from the others. It was quite a bit more minty green and I just love it. It’s probably good for our budget that the closest store to me that carries Trollbeads is about a 2 hour drive away!


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