Trollbeads Silver Mountain and the Snow

Silver Mountain by Trollbeads is very organic looking and quite striking with its streak of shimmery silver. However, those people who are new to Trollbeads might not know about it and I always want to get it out when we have snow, so thought this would be a good time to take some pictures. Silver Mountain is one of those beads that looks different in real life and you can see the stock image here. But this is what it looks like up close. 

Here is another one in different light. 

It’s so beautiful and different from other glass beads.

As you can see we have a bit of snow. The other day I looked the list of all the countries where my readers live. One of my favourite things about doing this blog is checking out all the countries each day. WordPress makes little pictures of the flags and I get so excited when a new country appears. When I noticed all the countries that probably don’t get snow, like Fiji, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Mauritius, etc., I thought I’d show you some pictures of snow in Canada! Check out our car, buried in the snow. School was cancelled that day, ha ha!

We always like to make a snowman and in this case, also a snow dog. 

Sometimes the snowpeople wear jewelry. 

And this is called a quinzhee. You make it by piling up snow and then hollowing it out, unlike an igloo which is made by piling blocks of snow. You do have to be careful while kids are playing in it though, as kids have actually died from being buried when a snow fort collapsed. One night when we had this one built, we could hear someone in the middle of the night. We looked through the window and it looked like a drunk guy was laying down inside it! So we called the police and they came and took him away!

Anyway, back to the beads. Left to right below are Stone Flower, Cliffs, Gold/Silver Trace, Dot to Dot Spacer, Sunbeam Spacer and the Citrine Facet Dangle. 

Below left to right after the dangle are Neptune’s Promise, Silver Mountain, Milan, Silver Mountain, Black Silk and Sweet Berries Spacer. 

Below left to right are Beehive Spacer, Gold/Silver Trace, Sand Beach, Sandstone and the Carolina Jessamine Lock. 

Here’s the whole bracelet again. I wore it with the beads all pushed together and with them spread apart with the spacers. 

Finally, here’s another combo using the Silver Mountain beads, with a Traces in the middle and the Light Blue Pandora leather bracelet. Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at a special bead and some snow, especially if you live in a tropical climate. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve never seen snow in real life!


  1. I never really noticed how beautiful Silver Mountain is. I love looking at your blog photos on my iPad because they are so large and so perfectly clear. It is interesting that the silver looks icy blue in some photos, particularly next to the blue leather bracelet. It is very unusual and rich looking. I enjoyed your snowy photos, they make me realise how very little snow we had this year. Not that I miss it, it’s nice to have a year with less to shovel.


    1. Sarah, I think the overlaying glass on Silver Mountain might have a touch of blue. I could be totally wrong though. I think we’ve only had to shovel a couple of times this year, which has been nice. Some years I’ve shovelled several times in a day just to keep up with the falling snow. Enjoy your day!


  2. I been looking at silver mountain glass on sites that offer live images and have been debating getting it as I find it so unique and love all the silver. Looks as nice as I imagined but even better. Your drunken snow fort guy made me laugh. Curious though, can’t hollowing out a snow pile collapse same as a igloo or fort can? Good tips to keep in mind as my son has been asking when he can go out and play in the snow and I tell him when there is snow lol practically no sno in jersey this winter which he pretty odd.


    1. Hi Alex! Yes, the hollowed out snow pile can definitely collapse. My husband likes to play in the snow too, so was always outside with the kids. Actually, those snowmen were all built by him. 😀


  3. Aha your husband is a fine snowman builder, although seems
    One snowman was raiding your jewelry box 😀
    The hollow igloo does seem interesting Though and We will def give it a go this winter if we ever have enough ❄️☃️


  4. This is a new one that I haven’t seen before. I looked on Blooming Boutique at their live shots and there definitely seems to be some blue in some of the beads. When I looked at the stock photo it looks quite a bit different. I like the blue so I would like to see the live photos to choose. Love the snowman…he looks very proud wearing your beads.


  5. Martha, you are absolutely correct about Silver Mountain! It’s an absolutely lovely bead and looks nothing like the stock image! I had been collecting Trollbeads for quite awhile before the SA showed it to me. I wondered why I hadn’t seen it in the catalog! Lol! And I must say, that it looks stunning with your Milan bead!

    Oddly enough, our Winters in Southern New England have been relatively mild as of late. But, we have definitely had some major snowstorms in the past! I love your snow fort! I remember my dad building something similar when I was a child. And I just love your snowman with beads! Such a clever idea!⛄️😍😘


    1. Carol, our winters in the past couple of years haven’t had piles of snow, although last year we had some super cold days. Glad you liked the little well accessorized snowman! 😁


  6. Very pretty combos, Martha! The golden color beads beautifully accentuate the earthy colors of the rest. I love your snow people who each seem to have their own personality. The best part is your son in his snow fort. What fun! I live in N. Illinois and we have had very little snow this year. Fine with me!


    1. Hi Dawn! We haven’t had too much snow this year either and I live at about the same latitude as you. Other parts of Canada have really been hit though! I’m like you and can do without much snow, but I do like it for the kids. Although, being on yard duty at schools is always a pain, as you have to constantly tell the kids not to throw snowballs and slide on the ice! 😀


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