Finally my daffodils bloomed so I could bring out the Trollbeads (affiliate link) Daffodil of March for some photos! I didn’t have any of the Flowers of the Month but thought maybe I could start to collect a few. Sometimes on Instagram I see a British lady (@evepink123) who often wears one or more on a bangle and it always looks so elegant. This one is truly a small piece of art and epitomizes what I love about Trollbeads silver pieces. The lines are so fluid and each side looks different. Check out the details. There is a freshwater pearl on it, too. It costs $56 USD/ $64 CAN. 

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My favourite yellow Trollbeads are the Gold Silver Trace ones. 

On this bangle I’ve used my bright yellow and pink Unique with the Bumble Bee and Beehive Spacers. 

For a combo that doesn’t use yellow, I thought I’d try the Pink Prisms and a Feldspar Moonstone. I sure like the bangle with three Water Lily Spacers on it.

Next up is my favourite combo. I wore this on Monday of this week. I love the Amber Violets so much! The yellow is so buttery looking and the flowers are a beautiful swirl of purple and indigo. In the middle of the bottom part of the bracelet is a Moonlight Bubbles that doesn’t look like the stock image. The Honey Dawn below it looks simply luscious! The top left bead is called Lavender Stripe and is very pretty. We had to go to Home Depot on the weekend and under that lighting the Lavender Stripe looked a pale blue!

Lastly, I made a full bracelet, bringing together some soft greens, pinks and purples. This uses the entire Mysterious Ways Kit. 

This picture below is really advertisey looking! The photo above uses a page of the Trollbeads catalogue that I have and below the bracelet is on the back cover. Some of the Japanese Instagrammers use it for their photos and I always wondered what they were using. Now I know! The Daffodil of March and all the Flowers of the Month have been around since the fall of 2013 and it’s amazing what a rich back catalogue Trollbeads has. One could easily keep purchasing older beads and never get bored. Do let me know which Flowers of the Month you have or which ones you’d like! There are some lovely photos showing them all here, at Enchanting Trolls. Have a great weekend everyone! By the way, tomorrow there should be another blog post on The Trollbeads Blog, where I made up some more combos using the Feel Good Bracelet.