On Saturday, June 17 it will be Trollbeads Day and this year’s Limited Edition bead is a Golden Rutilated Quartz, retailing for $170 USD/$221 CAN. I received a stunning example, with lots and lots of rutile pieces that look like spun gold. 

I first tried to go for an organic look by putting the Golden Rutilated Quartz with two beads from the Rocky Beach Kit. That’s Fossils on the left and Pebbles on the right. In between the beads are two Sunbeam Spacers. 

For a classic, neutral looking combo I used two beads from the Winter Wonder Kit. On the back bangle are two pearls and a Black Onyx. 

I thought the Milan bead I have would pick up the golden honey tones of the Golden Rutilated Quartz. On the top is Rainbow Bridge and on the bottom are Wise Bamboo and Black Silk. 

Next up is a warm, coffee inspired look, using some of the Unique Leather Bracelets plus the Brown/Light Grey Leather Bracelet with the Mocha and Coffee Mug beads. 

I wanted to try the Golden Rutilated Quartz bead with my Rosa Pearl Fantasy Necklace. Top to bottom are Fantasy Hibiscus, Gold Silver Trace, Roses for Mom, Lotus Top, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Lotus Top, Pink Delight Facet, Gold Silver Trace, Apple Blossom Pendant and the Freedom Feather Pendant. 

Here is the same necklace but inside and heavily filtered. 

When I matched up the bead with others in my bead box, the Mysterious Ways Kit seemed to blend in so I made up a bracelet using most of the kit plus a few other beads. 

Below left to right are the silver bead from the Feel Good Bracelet, Pebbles, Water Lily Family, Tsuru, Violet Stripe, Rise Together and Floral Wishes. 

Below left to right after the Floral Wishes are a Lotus Top, Golden Rutilated Quartz, another Lotus Top, Wise Bamboo, Symphony of Hearts and Wild Flowers. 

Below left to right after the Wild Flowers are Rainbow Bridge, Moonlight Dancing, Fossils and Rhythm Drum. 

Here’s another full bracelet using purples, black and gold tones. 

Lastly, here’s a short video clip showing how the Golden Rutilated Quartz sparkles in the sunshine. You can also see the upcoming Dancing Butterfly Spacers which arrived yesterday!

And here’s a bonus picture of the Dancing Butterfly Spacers. They are super cute and will be coming out June 30. 
I realize that the Trollbeads Day bead is not inexpensive, but I sure had fun playing around with it. There are so many different variations of it, from very clear examples to more densely packed ones like mine. Do look up @trollbeadsdanmark on Instagram as they have some fantastic pictures. If you are going to a Trollbeads Day celebration have a super time!!


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

Added: A photo for Suzanne, showing the Gold Spacers with a Pearl. 😍