Today sees the release of a pair of Dancing Butter Spacers ($92 USD/$120 CAN), Dancing Butterfly Studs ($57 USD/$74 CAN) and Dancing Butterfly Earrings ($45 USD/$59 CAN). They are designed by Louise Rimpler and play off the theme of her Dancing Butterfly bead, which you can see below on the top of the Fantasy Necklace. 

Trollbeads has been showing the Dancing Butterfly Spacers with the Summer Trees bead. 

I tried it with some glass beads such as Traces. Those are two Azure Bubbles and Ancient Palace below. One thing to note is that @garnet9257 of Instagram mentioned that the spacers are not actually identical! I looked really closely and saw what she is talking about! Can you see it in the above photo? The wing on the right has a slight curve in it so it gives a feeling of movement. Wonderful! 

I thought it looked sweet with Pink Desert and some copper. 

At the suggestion of @charmbead I made up a Nintendo combo, using the blue Fountain of Life bead from the Sparkle Kit in order to represent a Navi from Legend of Zelda. On the middle bangle from top to bottom are Beach, two Uniques, The Diamond Bead/White and The Eye. This would be a good 4th of July combo, although I’m Canadian so need to come up with a red and white combo for July 1st, our 150th birthday! 

I thought this bangle reminded me of the Greek Goddess Nike. 

Another way to wear the spacers is with a narrow silver bead in the middle. Here I’ve used the Vision of Light bead from the Spirit of Life collection (and I’m getting excited about this fall’s collection, but I don’t know what’s in it!). I’ve also used the Lavender and Pink Prisms, which I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately. I think this is my favourite look of all these different combos as it looks so clean and elegant. 

I also really like the Sunbeam Spacer in the middle. That’s the Neverending ring, which is insanely comfortable and a bracelet using the Light Turquoise Prisms and Dream Away in the middle. 

I also tried rearranging the beads so that the Lavender Prisms would be beside the Dream Away. Not sure which one I prefer!

For an asymmetrical look they look cute in the side of a bangle. Left to right the glass beads are Summer Trees, Golden Cave and Summer Flowers. 

Lastly, here are the Dancing Butterfly Spacers on a chain bracelet. It works fine but I prefer the look on a bangle. By the way, I wore these for a few days and even with folding lots of things inside out while doing laundry, they weren’t catching on things. 

This bracelet uses the whole Pink Striped Agate Kit. The other beads starting at the top and going clockwise are Smile of Stars, Pink Desert, Neverending, Silver Trace/Pink, Moonlight Dancing, Pink Gold, Water Lily Family, Sea Anemone, Neverending, Summer Dot and Smile of Stars. The lock is Carolina Jessamine. It’s so substantial! 

Obviously there are piles of ways to use these spacers. I’d love to hear if you plan to buy them and if so, how will you be using them?


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.