Trollbeads NYC

We’ve been having such a great time in New York City! On the way here we stopped at Carlo’s Bake Shop of Cake Boss fame. One of my kids used to love the TV show and it was very exciting to go inside! This is Scaredy Squirrel from my husband’s Instagram account, @scaredytravels.

We had pre-ordered a Beach cake as my son really liked the episode where they made a really large one. The Cake was vanilla and chocolate inside and really tasty.

Next we had to drive through Manhattan to get to the hotel. That was absolutely insane! My husband stayed really calm and we used my phone for the navigation, which really helped.

The best view we’ve seen so far was of the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It was a great walk, just a little hot and humid though.

We’ve done all the touristy things including seeing the fantastic Broadway show The Great Comet. But Saturday was my day away from the boys and I got to have beads n’ coffee with the lovely April of Charm Bead Blog!

After checking out a Korean Beauty Store so I could pick up some Etude House products we headed onto the subway and over to where the Trollbeads NYC store is located. After a lovely lunch we went inside and met the store manager Kim, who has a charming set up inside.

I met some more ladies, including April’s friend Karyn, bead collector Carol and some of the ladies from the TrollbeadsUSA office. Here are the wrists of Kim and the TrollbeadsUSA ladies! I love Kim’s red and black combos!

So, knowing how a lot of people like myself rarely get to go into a Trollbeads store (although this has been twice in a month now!) I took some more photos and videos, just for fun.

Check out these Jumbo Uniques. If I didn’t already have my blue dragonfly I would have bought one of those.

More Uniques…

I was really happy to have some time to look at the silvers, as it’s sometimes hard to gauge the size from online photos.

Here are a couple more videos.

What I decided to purchase were two Green Rainbow Beads, which have such a shiny look to them and a Pastel Flower. When I got to the subway station I quickly made up a combo with the Green Rainbow beads.

And yesterday I took this photo while on the ferry boat to Staten Island. I am really enjoying the Dancing Butterfly Spacers with the Vision of Light bead in between.

I only brought a few beads with me on this trip and am already looking forward to getting home to make up some new combos. I did add a photo of the Ohm Beads NYC Panorama with the Statue of Liberty one blog post back. There is some beadmail waiting for me at home, so the next few blog posts will be Spiritbeads, Redbalifrog and True Beadz. Then there is the Trollbeads Autumn Collection, which in my opinion is really outstanding! Lots to look forward to! Hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at Trollbeads NYC and be sure to check out April’s blog if you haven’t already, because she posts articles about bead events as well as lets us know about artists we might not of heard of before.


Edited to add a photo from my last day in NYC.

18 responses to Trollbeads NYC

  1. Suzy says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us! I enjoyed a lot seeing all the pics and videos, with the picture of the silver beads being so helpful because it really is hard to get a sense of their size online.


    • Martha says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Suzy! I might refer to the photo of silvers from time to time myself. 😀


  2. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, That is pure bead heaven in your photos/videos! I love New York and the one place left that I really want to get to is MOMA. I used to go to Manhattan almost every weekend when my son was younger, but not so much the past few years. I always took the train and only drove once…first and last time I will ever do that!


    • Martha says:

      Suzanne, how wonderful that you used to go into Manhattan on the weekends! Taking the train sounds like a fab idea. Today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and had to wait 20 minutes just to get into the building. So many people!


  3. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, I wanted to ask you the name of the silver bead with the “holes” in it in your last photo? Also, I’ve been reading April’s blog and I am loving it…the only “problem” is that she has me hooked on yet another bead designer: Urinamu on Etsy. I have got to get one of the bunny rabbit beads!


    • Martha says:

      Hi Suzanne! I had to look up the name of the silver bead, as I bought it recently at a store that was discontinuing the brand and they had just a few beads left and the lady didn’t know the name. It’s called Shortcut Bead and was designed by Mette Saabye and is $72 USD.
      Those bunny rabbit beads are adorable! I’ve been eyeing them, too!


      • Suzanne says:

        Thanks Martha, I was able to find a few different sites that have the Shortcut bead, so that’s good. I hate when I like a bead and then I can’t find it. Oh, and I got my purple bird unique that I ordered… I love it so much, I’m going to order another one in black. I guess I’m collecting them now, too!!!


      • Martha says:

        Ooo…glad you like your purple bird! I really like how the Shortcut Bead’s holes are different sizes. The other silver bead is called Sweater and I think it will be lovely for the winter time!


  4. Dawn says:

    Hi Martha! Thanks for sharing your travels with us! It’s so fun to go along via blog. I don’t know how you stand it; so many beads, so little time to spend with them and fellow bead addicts. I would have gone insane at the TrollBeads store with all of those uniques. Your photos are wonderful as always and especially love the blurred city backgrounds. I think the Vision of Light is a perfect center bead for the Dancing Butterfly Spacers. Can’t wait to see the Trollbeads Autumn Collection!


    • Martha says:

      Hi Dawn! The only thing that keeps me from going insane at the store with all the Uniques is just a lack of money-ha ha! We can’t afford to go on trips plus spend piles of money on beads, although that would be super fun! My first time ever at a Trollbeads store was in Korea and I stressed over buying a black leather bracelet, thinking that money would be better spent on food. 😀 In Japan I didn’t even buy anything because we were getting low on money but the sales lady was kind enough to give me a catalogue, which I still treasure. 😀 Funny thing though-both times going to the stores in America I had a plan to buy certain beads and both times those plans flew out the window when I saw other beads that caught my eye. Even though online individual images are helpful, there’s just something about being able to see and touch the beads in person. I’m happy you also like the Vision of Light with the butterflies! I think it will permanently have a place there in my collection.


  5. Marisa says:

    Thanks for sharing Martha, you clearly had a brilliant time. The videos are so helpful too, but wow what a huge range of uniques. Must have taken ages for you to decide what to buy 😊


  6. Alexandra R says:

    Hi Martha!
    Oh my God this cake!!!! I want one just like it!!!!
    And this store is a collector’s dream. So many uniques! That’s impressive! I’d love to have one like this near me.
    It looks like you had a great time in New York.


    • Martha says:

      Hi Alexandra! Yes, the cake, the shows, the store and meeting of friends-it was all wonderful! 🎉


  7. LoriA says:

    Oh wow, I’m envious. It is always nice to meet new friends, especially if they also love beads! And New York City! And the uniques, and production beads that are interesting examples are fun to mull over. Thanks for showing all those pictures of beads! I saw two silver beads I have wanted for a while, but have never seen in person – dandelion and jugend – both are smaller than I thought, but I still want them! Oh and that little mention of the autumn collection – I can hardly wait!


    • Martha says:

      I’m so happy you found the picture of all the silver beads helpful. I was struck by how big the Rose of June is! I’m so excited for the autumn collection too but don’t want summer to be over yet. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of July already!


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