The Redbalifrog Frog Lock ($75 USD) is quite a substantial piece. The two frogs each have such an alert look on their little faces. I’d even go as far as saying they look quite intelligent! I don’t know why frogs are so appealing, but whenever we see one when on a nature walk we always stop to have a look. 

Here’s a video so all sides can be seen. 

Here is the Frog Lock next to the Plain Trollbeads Lock for a size comparison. The other two locks are also Redbalifrog and are called Lotus Love and Heart Love. 

It looks lovely just with the Leather Strap ($33 USD).  

I put on the cute Tree Frog-so sweet!

Lastly, I made up a full combo around the Brown Leather Strap. I added in some Trollbeads copper with two Pink Prisms and Daylight Brilliance. First here’s a video and then a photo. 

I realize lots of people must already have the Frog Lock, but is anyone seeing it for the first time? I’m taking it to the beach today with a few Redbalifrog ocean themed beads. I love these nature themed Redbalifrog beads!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.