The Trollbeads Blizzard bead and Blizzard Tassel are so perfect for the winter time. They also glow in the dark! But mostly they work really well if you feel like having a bit of snow on your wrist.

I’ve now tried several combos with them. These first two were in a previous blog post with random bracelets.

Since I liked that neutral bracelet a lot I pared it down to a bangle. This is a great grab and go bangle that I can wear with almost anything. The two Uniques are from a Christmas Glitter Kit.

A big blue and white bracelet was the next one I made. Blue and white seems to be so popular this season.

Below left to right are Pumpkin Ornament, Lapis Lazuli, Sweater, a Unique, Blizzard, Shortcut, the Snowflake bead from the Winter Forest Kit, Lotus Top, the Diamond Bead/White and another Lotus Top.

Below left to right are the Blizzard Tassel, Arctic Stripes, Momentum, Blizzard, the Heart bead from the Winter Forest Kit, Abundance, the blue bead from the Wishful Sky Bracelet and Aztec.

Living in Canada, the Blizzard bead will be really useful all winter and then in the summer I can picture using it on a hot day to give a feeling of coolness. This one is not a new bead but do you see anything you like here? In case I don’t do another blog post until after Christmas, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s to many pretty beads in 2018!