The Life Circle bead is a small, spacer size silver bead and reasonably priced at $25 USD. I really like it so bought a few to use in between beads. I love all the little circles or balls and how they look like they are swirling around.

My first thought was to use them with pearls. Can you imagine a whole bracelet like this? ๐Ÿ˜ That’s the Sweet Berries Spacer in the middle. I think it fits in perfectly amongst the Life Circle beads and pearls.

I used them in my last blog post also, here with two beads from the upcoming Vine of Dreams bracelet and a Purple Flower Mosaic bead.

Pink is a favourite colour of mine at this time of year and I made up a bangle using a unique, Baby Girl and Summer Dot.

In the photo below I’ve used them between glass beads which are called (L-R) Inner Glow, Sweetness, Pastel Flower, Pink Gold and Meditation. And can I just say that for the first time ever I actually knew the names of all of these beads! ๐ŸŽ‰They are so gorgeous in the sun.

Anyway, I also think Life Circle works really well on the Ring of Change.

Here’s a video on YouTube so you can better get an idea of the size.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at a sweet little bead! Did this one catch your eye when it was released or did it slip past your bead radar?