Yesterday it occurred to me that there are several Trollbeads with ‘anemone’ in their name. Where I live the Japanese Anemone is currently in bloom.

There’s the superb Troll Anemone Pendant, which always gets loads of comments, the Sea Anemone Bead, which I’ve decided to collect in multiples and the Anemones Bead which was created for the World Tour collection. There are even a few more according to a search I did, but I wanted to showcase the ones I have.

The Anemones Bead is a fresh green, yellow and white. I bought it in Saigon to remind me of the lush, green rice terraces. From the side it looks really cool.

I put it on a bangle in two slightly different variations and then asked people which they prefer on my Instagram Story. When I wrote this the bottom version was winning by a vote of 68% to 32%.

The Troll Anemone Pendant is such an amazing piece and I always want to tell new collectors about it. Also, it does fit on Pandora bracelets so if you are a collector of that brand, it’s a great crossover piece.

Yesterday I wore it with the sweet little bird unique. The middle glass bead is called River of Life Facet Bead.

It also works on a bracelet. Inspired by April of charm bead blog, I decided to use some Instagram posts today.

Lastly, the Sea Anemone Bead is one of my all time favourite beads. This photo is from another one of my Instagram accounts.

I like it here with green beads at the beach.

This photo captured the beads on a rainy day and shows the beautiful variations in the colours. I like how the one just below the Tropical Conch Bead shows off the pale bluish tones. 😍

I’d love to hear if you have any of these beads and/or which one you like the best!