There are three new dangles coming out from True Beadz, one for November, one for Black Friday and one for December. They will be available for pre-order for 50€ each at the True Beadz retailers: Star Bijou, Perlen, Beads Fanatic and Story in the Bead.

The first one is the red one for the Dangle of the Month for November. Its pre-order time is Oct. 26-Nov. 2.

I like it below with True Place to Be, which should be available for pre-order now for 60€ and is being released November 7. It will be a regular collection bead and not limited edition.

Next up is a Dangle for Black Friday and this one is really well suited to the Christmas holiday season! Its pre-order time is Nov. 2-Nov. 9.

I think it looks cute with some cheery red beads.

Lastly, this blue dangle is the Dangle of the Month for December and the pre-order dates are Nov. 9-Nov. 16. It has a matte finish and really makes me think of a breath mint, for some reason!

I will really like this one in January when it’s cold and the air is crisp.

So, three dangles and I’d love to hear if you have a favourite. If I had to choose I think I’d go with the red swirl one for November. I love the swirl pattern and since I wear a lot of grey, I’ll be wearing it a lot on a necklace for work.