Attack of the Bead People

Some people may have missed the short video called Attack of the Bead People that premiered last year. Here are some behind the scenes shots, some of them never before published! 😀

This was the publicity shot.

After the publicity shot the actors were happy to get their heads back on.

Here’s the first reading of the script.

Our heroine, L3 (Lego Lush Lady) had a bit too much to drink.

An ambulance was quickly called.

They had to rehearse the special effects.

Here’s another behind the scenes photo.

And here was the media interviewing the stars on the red carpet.

You can click on the link to watch the movie! It’s one minute long, ha ha!

4 responses to Attack of the Bead People

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve been catching up on some back entries in your blog, and had to tell you how much I loved this! Both the movie and these “behind the scenes” shots. Absolutely brilliant! 😀


    • Kim says:

      A sequel would be awesome! I just showed it to my sister, and she was laughing her head off. Keep ’em coming! 😀


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