I bought an Ohm Gnome last spring so I could take him on our summer trip. His traveling companions were Buddha (Pandora) and L3 (Lego). They were quite the adventurous bunch and were up for any and all sightseeing, even the long travel days. 

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore was one of my favourite places. 

Here’s the gang enjoying the view at Changi Airport in Singapore. 

There was also a giant durian!

They enjoyed the giant faces at Bayon Temple in Cambodia. 

And the pool in Bali, Indonesia. 

By the time we got to Tokyo they were arguing and had to be separated. 

And in our final days at Tokyo Disney they were so grumpy and tired that they asked to stay in the hotel and I resorted to taking photos of my popcorn bucket. 

Now Buddha has a permanent spot on my Pandora travel themed bracelet and OG is continuing to have little adventures around the house. You can see his recent escapades on Facebook by searching for Ohmus Gnomus. 😀