Most of the time my bracelets have no meaning, they are just beads that I think work together, so I thought I’d try to put together a bracelet that makes me think of things I like in the winter. That would not include standing out on yard duty in -12C weather, but there really are some lovely things at this time of year.

For a colour scheme I went with white, blue and green in the iciest shades that I have. There are always lots of animal tracks in our backyard, so I’ve included the Redbalifrog Jackalope. We’ve had tracks from what we think are bunnies, skunks, raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks over the years. Once a deer came running down the street, which is amazing considering we live in a very urban neighbourhood and I can see the Starbucks that’s about a block away!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I put on the Heart of Roses, also by Redbalifrog.

I used the Frangipani bead in order to keep all the silvers by Redbalifrog and because we have a small indoor market where I live that has a couple of flower stalls. Sometimes on a weekend we head down there and enjoy Β coffee (juice for the kids!) and a cookie and sit near the flowers.

The centre white Pandora facet and the two Ohm Beads Cold Milk beads are the only non-Trollbeads glass. Β  Do you make bracelets with beads that mean something to you or mostly go byΒ what beads look good together?