Magical Necklace

I was at odds with what to make and a kind Instagram bead friend helped me put this necklace together. Living in a house of boys it’s not like any of them would help. If I ever ask bead questions I usually get grunts and eye rolls, ha!

I started with the Redbalifrog Aladdin’s Lamp. It’s one of the first RBF beads I bought, due to the amazing details and how it reminded me of our travels in the Middle East. 

The Ohm Beads Merkaba and the Trollbeads Smile of Stars came to mind and my friend suggested a touch of gold, so I used the Pandora Disney Belle Muranos. 

The inlay box we bought in Damascus, Syria. We were there for a couple of days in advance of a tour starting and a young couple from the USA was staying at the same hotel. We started chatting and they offered to take us out shopping and for dinner as they had been to Damascus many times already. The bottle of sand is from Egypt purchased on another trip. 

I thought this Trollbeads bangle would pair well with the necklace. 

I’d love to hear about what beads you’ve purchased to remind you of travels!

2 responses to Magical Necklace

  1. Sarah Rigler says:

    You should know, even though I never comment, that I enjoy all of your blogs. There is something about this one that really appeals to me, it’s the charms, the combinations and your words and that you are changing the way I look at “playing” with beads too!


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks so much Sarah! This Aladdin’s Lamp is always a hit with kids when I have supply teaching days. I had never thought of adding the touch of ‘gold’ before, so when it was suggested to me I thought it was a super idea.


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