I threw together a quick navy and orange combo to wear because I wanted to get my new bead racks made. I’ll take some pictures of it today and put them on here. We made 3 racks for under $20. But you don’t really want to look at them too closely, ha!

I used my Trollbeads navy and orange bracelet and and mix of Ohm Beads, Trollbeads and Pandora. Ohm Gnome was happy to be back on a bracelet. You can follow his escapades on Facebook at Ohmus Gnomus. 

I love the detail on the Ohm Beads Trombone Player. 

L’il Devil still gives me a chuckle when I see her devilish grin. 

I was able to finally take a beads in the sun photo. I don’t think we’ve had a sunny day forever!

Here’s a last look at the whole combo.