The other day the Ohm Beads team posted the query about how long people have been collecting. I went through my order history with Perlen and it showed my first purchase was exactly three years ago! My first beads were In the Koi Pond and Nuts and Berries. Here, I’ve got the beads I’ve purchased in order going around clockwise, starting from the bottom left.

What initially drew me to the beads was the ‘barrel’ shape. It adds interest to a bracelet and feels really nice to the touch. After the first two beads I bought, out came the Holiday Drinks collection. I fell in love especially with the Cold Milk beads and bought two. I use them all the time as they go with everything! My next favourites are probably the orange and purple ones from the Six Pack collection. They are really fabulous in the sun. The purple one in particular makes me think of grape soda (we call it pop in Canada) that I used to drink at my Nana’s house with my cousins when I was younger. The wood beads I bought a bit on a whim as I wanted to recreate the look of the main floor of our house, but in a bracelet. I haven’t quite achieved that yet, but it’s a definite bead goal!

Here are my little silver characters on the Twisted Bangle with some barrel shaped beads.

This is my all time favourite bead photo, taken in the fall, of the Bar Brawl bead.

Finally, here’s my whole collection. So, please share your Ohm Beads story! Do you remember what your first bead was?