In a continuing series, I thought I’d share how I got started collecting True Beadz. When they were first announced on Endangered Trolls I was immediately taken with the beautiful colours. And that matte finish of the Touch beads, oh my! My first order was for the True Touch Lilac beads and the silver Lilac bead. I really wanted to take them with me on my summer trip and they arrived just in time. The matte finish *feels* so nice to the touch. In the fall I ordered the True Touch Pumpkin ones. As you can see I like to buy beads in pairs if I can afford it. The pumpkin colour is very cheery, almost reminding me of orange juice!

Around the time of American Thanksgiving, the Great Lakes store in Ohio offered a buy 3, get 1 free deal. A lot of bead companies were having specials, so it was tough to prioritize! That’s when I picked up some of the Air beads. 

Looking at the photo below are True Air Baby Pink, True Blossom Baby Pink, True Air Linen, True Air Lilac, True Touch Lilac, True Taste Lilac, my most recent purchase, True Touch Sky Blue and then the Silver Lilac. 

Here are some more photos. 

Because the blue ones are so new I had fun trying a couple of more combinations. 

Does anyone have a favourite shade or texture in these beads, from ones you’ve purchased or seen online?