When the Trollbeads Spring 2016 release came out, I pretty much liked everything! What I could afford though, was the Anemone Pendant that I saw a lot of the Korean collectors wearing on their bangles. What an exquisite piece of silver it is! 

Here it is on a bangle. You can fit a glass bead in the middle of it. It is a bit tricky get it on, but definitely doable. I tried it on a chain necklace and it did not hang well. I would think it would work on a proper Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace though (I don’t have one). 


I also tried it on a Pandora bracelet. Only my smallest Murano would fit in the middle. It just barely worked, so be careful if you try it! 

Finally, I put it on a bracelet. First I tried it with some flowery beads but thought it looked too fussy. I gathered up the Sparkle Kit and a few extras and liked that much better. 

I still can’t get over what an elegant and graceful piece of silver jewelry this is. I look forward to seeing how people style it on Instagram! I’d love to hear how people have been using it or if it’s something on your wish list!