Aurora Trollbeads

The Aurora beads that Trollbeads makes are a favourite of mine. The first one I got when it came out as part of a set with the bangle. That’s just when I was starting to collect beads, so it worked out well. It’s the one on the left. I love how there are shades of purple and blue and even yellowish/gold, depending on the light. Next to it is the Aurora Flower, then Moonlight Bubbles and Sea Anemone.

A couple of years ago Trollbeads came out with a starter set called Stories of You. It came with this lovely lock and a faceted Aurora bead. I was able to pick it up last year at a bargain price from a shop that was discontinuing the line. Then, I came across a single bead for sale with quite a blue colour at another, tiny independent store. I was super excited to find this one!

Here are all the beads on a bangle.

Lastly, here are a couple of photos with with Trollbeads Anemone Pendant. Are these beads a favourite of anyone? Oh, and pardon the rain drops on some of these photos. I try to take all my pictures outside and it was just starting to rain!

4 responses to Aurora Trollbeads

  1. Natalie says:

    Stunning beads, I love all those colors! I don’t have any Troll glass (yet) but these are all so pretty! I do have a few Elfbeads similar in color, a couple Blush Vortex and an Everchange that is either Halo or Blush. They look great with your Anemone pendant ❤


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Natalie! Yes, I’ve noticed that the Blush Vortex is a similar colour. They’re the kinds of beads we can stare at for quite a while, I think! Be careful if you start buying Troll glass–it’s a tough addiction to control, lol!


  2. Judie says:

    Absolutely love these beads! Particularly the flower one (third from the left). Will have to get myself one as well


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