I got new glasses the other day and it occurred to me that they are the exact same colour as the Purple Stripes Trollbead. Which got me thinking, how do people choose which beads they’re going to wear each day? Do you match them up with your clothes or just wear whatever makes you happy? I will admit to doing a bit of both!

Since I was excited to wear my new glasses, I wanted to make a combo to go with this bead. I picked some Ohm Beads to wear with the purple one from the Six Pack Collection. It’s such a juicy purple and while it is a different shade from the Trollbead, I think it goes well enough.

Now, here’s the thing that I find so interesting. I have 3 pictures in different light. The two outdoor ones look fairly similar. Above was after school and the below one was taken early in the morning.

But just look at the beads, especially the True Beadz, in the flourscent light of the school I was at! They look like completely different beads.

So, as I post this last picture, please do let me know what you match your beads to–I love hearing what others do!