I don’t have very many uniques at all, but this yellow/pink flower one and green/yellow turtles one were calling out to be put on a bracelet this weekend. They do get a bit neglected as they are hard to match up with other beads, so I decided to make a colourful bracelet. 

The Pandora Wildflower Walk openwork beads are a natural fit to anchor this bracelet. And can I just say that I’ve had these beads for years and had no idea what they were called, I had to look that up! πŸ˜€

The green ‘Peter’ Trollbead on the left was one of those $15 sale ones I bought online last year!

Here’s the whole bracelet.   

 This is a real mishmash of brands.

Beads 1/4/7/12/14/15 are by Pandora. 

Beads 2/5/9/11 are by Trollbeads. 

Beads 3/8/13 are by Ohm Beads. 

Beads 6/10 are by Redbalifrog.