I got some new Ohm Beads clips, called Bare and not only do they work on an Ohm bracelet (obviously) but they are also perfect for Pandora leather bracelets. As far as I know, the only way to keep Pandora clips on leather bracelets is to use those little bits of rubber, which are a right royal pain. These Bare Clips go right on, no fumbling required. There is a little locking mechanism which you can see here.

Here they are on an Ohm bracelet.

I also tried them on my red leather bracelet and I really like this look.

This is the combo I wore yesterday.


I also tried them out on my silver Pandora bracelet and they fit, which is good news for those of us not wanting to wear sparkly clips, perhaps, when the new bracelet comes out this spring.

Does anyone have these clips or are they something you’d find useful?