T-Rex Skull

The T-Rex Skull by Ohm Beads has been on my wish list for a long time. When our kids were younger we used to go on seemingly endless car camping trips (think 6 weeks in a tent) and visited tons of children’s museums in Canada and the USA. So many of these museums would have little areas where kids can ‘dig’ for dinosaur bones. I mean, who *wouldn’t* want to do that? The silver bead has really cool individual teeth. 

It can be used as a pendant and hangs nicely on the Ball Necklace. Here I’ve used it with the Humerus and Bolly Wood beads. 

Then I tried it with a couple of Trollbeads.

I’m going to wear it on a bracelet today. 

I think the students at the school where I’m going today will really like this T-Rex skull. I know I’m enjoying wearing it! All beads (except the two Trolls on the necklace) are Ohm Beads. Are there any other dinosaur skull fans out there? 😀


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  1. […] bought the Ohm Beads Humerus to go with the T-Rex Skull, as seen back in this blog post. It is a bit bigger than most beads, as it was made to go with the Rawr collection. […]