Cranberries Treasure

Last weekend I bought a True Beadz Cranberries bead that was for sale on the Great Lakes Boutique’s website as part of the Treasures line. These were one time only unique beads, although I would love to see this bead available as part of the True Beadz line! The petals are made with the Linen colour (to the right of the Cranberries bead). I have some Linen beads in the mail and can’t wait to put them with this pretty bead!

For now I think it looks lovely with the Baby Pinks. 

I also tried it with my Pandora Green Petite Facets.  

Here’s the combo I wore yesterday during the day. 

All of the silver beads are Redbalifrog, except the middle one is the True Beadz Silver Lilac. 

Last night I wore it with the Bordeaux X Links. 

I’m so happy that I was able to buy the Cranberries bead. It came super fast from Great Lakes, too. My friend is going to visit the store in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping she takes lots of photos! 

6 responses to Cranberries Treasure

  1. Mandy Coker says:

    I love this! I really love truebeadz although I haven’t bought a treasure yet. I didn’t get to them fast enough for the ones I wanted. I love how you always add the Ohm bangle to your stack, I’ve started doing this too!


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Mandy! Yes, I generally wear three bracelets, I guess. I’ll put on either the Ohm bangle and/or a Redbalifrog bracelet without any beads on it. The Ohm bangle is so comfortable, isn’t it?!


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