I’ve got no theme going on here, just a simple black and white combo. Shortly, hopefully, I should have some bead mail arriving. As we all know, bead mail is the best mail! Some Baby Pink and Linen True Beadz, some more textile beads and a couple of things from Perlen should be delivered any day now. However, I think it’s good for my brain to make combos with what I already have. 

I started with the Redbalifrog Volcanic Fossil bead for the middle, then added the Ohm Beads T-Rex and Merkaba

The other glass beads are all Trollbeads, with my favourite being the Black Silk on the left, above. Rounding out the bracelet is some Redbalifrog silver, as I was sort of picturing the dinosaur roaming about a tropical island, ha ha ha! I am hoping this is my last beads in the snow/ice photo for the season!

Again, the detail of the teeth is amazing on the T-Rex Skull. 

Here’s a close up of the much loved Pomegranate

I’m wearing it with a couple of old Pandora bracelets. Is anyone waiting for some bead mail?