I will admit that occasionally I don’t mind a slightly rainy day because then the light is perfect for bead photos. If I’m at a school and it’s indoor recess all day that’s a different story! Today I’m meeting up with the lovely Sarah who is the Pandora counter manager at a gorgeous shop called Bradshaws in Stratford, Ontario. It’s the kind of store where you can spend a long time puddling around looking at housewares and gift items. Sarah always comments on my Redbalifrog beads, so I made a full bracelet to wear so she could see the beads in person.

I can’t bring myself to take apart my purple bracelet with the Pandora Purple Shimmer quite yet.

I’ve added in a Trollbeads Leather bracelet with a few silver beads.

Here’s the whole combo. I don’t usually wear so many beads at once, but it’s a big beads n’ coffee meeting! Please excuse the raindrops on my shirt. It had started to rain again!

Disclosure: On this blog some beads that I use I may have received as samples.