Pandora Poetic Droplets Ring

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going on a girls’ road trip to Stratford, ON, where we met up with @pandorabradshaws of Instagram! First we met for beads and coffee. 

Then we visited the beautiful store, Bradshaws. There were even balloons and treats and the displays were so pretty!


I looked at the Pink Shimmer and these two dangles. The dangles are very beautiful but maybe a bit delicate for me. The Pink Shimmers are very difficult to photograph. They do look better in person. I think I lucked out with my Purple Shimmer though, so decided against getting a pink one. Sorry about the quality of the photo!

Ultimately I decided upon a small Clear Poetic Droplets ring. The blue, pink and purple ones were also very pretty! The larger size one is fabulous, but I bought the smaller one. 


The ring stacks well with the Darling Daisy ring and/or my older Smooth Cabochon Garnet Ring. At least I think that’s what it’s called. 😉 What a lovely day that was!

Disclosure: On this blog some beads that I use I may have received as samples. 


  1. I love your photos and your visit was so much fun for me! It really is difficult to photograph the Shimmer Murano, I think I will keep trying though. Your photos and enthusiasm for all things beady really do inspire me. I love the way you combine so many different brands and with such success. The ring combo is really pretty!


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