Trollbeads Easter Colours

Easter is fast approaching and taking a lot of people by surprise because it’s so early this year. We need to get our Easter tree made and decorations out still! Yesterday, when we were on our outing we went to a fabulous chocolate store and I couldn’t resist buying these for a couple of photos. I wanted to use the Trollbeads that I bought last year for an Easter bracelet. They are the Red and Lavender Armadillo, the Mint and Lavender Armadillo and the Pink and Orange Armadillo beads.

First I tried them on the Yellow/Light Pink leather bracelet. I also added in the Pink Fantasy Bead, the silver Lamb Bead, The Messenger bead and the Troll Anemone Pendant.

Here’s another look at the leather set up.

Next I wanted to try it on a chain with the Flower Lock. To turn it into a mini-bracelet I added my two Smile of Stars silver beads and the Summer Dot bead.

I’m still expecting a couple more Easter-ish beads in the mail, so will be trying out more combos hopefully soon!

Disclosure: On this blog some beads that I use I have received as samples.


  1. Soo pretty as usual!, I’m also waiting for my first Trollbeads bracelet, it’s your fault Martha, now I am addicted to Trollbeads besides Pandora!!


  2. I love the fun and beautiful looks you have created with the leather bracelet, and the colourful beads. I wasn’t a fan of the leather until I saw the way you dress it up . I really like the Anemone Pendant on it, too. This is a particularly brilliant collection !


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