A few readers are starting out with Trollbeads and I just wanted to show how the leather bracelets work. Also I want to encourage people to not feel like you have to stick to just Pandora or just Troll or any brand, but mix and match. It’s fun to use all the beads! Life is short!

The leather bracelets are a fun and relatively inexpensive way to wear beads. Here I’ve used the Orange/Navy one. You need the lock and a bracelet, but then can put your Pandora beads on it. I’ve also used an Ohm Bead here. First, put some beads on the ends with the metal bits. 

Then, fasten the small side of the lock to the two metal ends. 

Wrap the bracelet twice around your wrist and fasten with the big part of the lock. Feel free to cut some of the leather off to make it fit better. You can see that I’ve cut a couple of the holes off. 

Move the beads around a bit until you like the arrangement and voila!


All brands of beads also fit on the chain. I’ve got a couple of True Beadz along with some Pandora and Troll beads on this bracelet. 

Even though the cores are all different sizes I really don’t notice that while wearing the bracelet. Tune in tomorrow for a feature on the Ring of Change by Trollbeads. It’s the ring where you can put a bead on it and is surprisingly comfortable!

Disclosure: On this blog some beads that I use I have received as samples. Nothing on today’s entry, but tomorrow for sure.