More Textile Beads

I really love the wool textile beads I bought from the Etsy store called Jimena’s Treasures, so I ordered some more in these lovely pink and orange shades. They are copper wire covered with hand dyed wool!

First I tried them on the Ohm Beads Twisted Bangle with my orange Ohm Beads. 

Next I used some Trollbeads with pink shades. 

Then I combined the two for a ‘shield your eyes, it’s so bright’ kind of bracelet. 

Going counter-clockwise here are the brands of beads…

Stoppers are by Redbalifrog. 

1/5/11/15 are by Pandora.

2/3/8/13/14 are by Trollbeads.

6/10 are by Ohm Beads. 

Finally, I added my Redbalifrog and pink X links for a fun combo. 



  1. This bracelet is really beautiful. I think the textile beads are really cool for trAvelling. I’ll be going backpacking for a year next year bit I don’t want to bring my expensive jewellery with me so these textile beads will be a great alternative. they look very hippie and I love the bohemian hippie look


      1. Hi! We’re going to countries in the Himalayas, China, South America and Africa, yay! I took my pandora backpacking with me once and it started to lose it’s shine. I think it’s bec I spend most of the time in the sunshine outside and sweat makes the silver lose it’s shine (gross I know) so these textile beads would be more suitable for travelling


  2. That’s fantastic! A real round-the-world trip! Yes, when I took my Pandora to Korea a few years ago in the summer it immediately tarnished because of the gazillion percent humidity and I ended up buying (and loving) some $2 string bracelets. 😀


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