Touch Linen

The Linen shade in the True Beadz line was one that really caught my attention  as it’s basically the colour of our kitchen/living room and TV room walls! It’s been a goal of mine to make a bracelet using the Linen shade, with some brown and white and now I’m able to do that! The True Beadz True Touch Linen is the matte finish greenish/greyish glass bead below. 

To make a full bracelet I’ve used the Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever and Rope silver beads, the Ohm Beads Bolly Wood and Cold Milk beads and True Beadz True Air Linen. 

Here’s a combo with Redbalifrog bracelets. 

The other combo I wanted to try with the Touch Linen is with the Cranberries bead I bought a few weeks ago. The petals are made with the same shade as the Linen!

The silver beads are Lilac and Hyacinth. I’m waiting for our grape hyacinths to bloom before featuring the silver bead!

I’m so happy that I was able to snap up the Cranberries bead because I think it’s a match made in bead heaven with the Linen beads. 

Disclosure: On this blog some products I use I have received as samples. 

2 responses to Touch Linen

  1. Julia says:

    I love both combos! Linen works great with the Cranberries! But the bracelet with rich brown wood next to white and soft mint green is to die for! Love it!


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Julia! Before we renovated our kitchen I went through piles of decorating magazines and ripped out pictures I liked in order to show the decorator. They were all photos of white kitchens with the linen colour and wood as accents, so I always wanted to make a bracelet to look like that, ha ha! 😀


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