When I went to that Trollbeads Artisan Event last weekend there was a Unique Trollbead in the goodie bag! It is a bright orange and white. 

Here’s what it looks like from the side. The core is very juicy looking. 

I have a few orange beads, but wanted to use some white too. My only white Trollbead is White Steel, which had some black in it and I didn’t want a bracelet to look too Hallowe’eny. So, I went with a fun blue/orange and white bracelet. 

Left to right we have the Unique, which I actually found for sale at Trollbeads Gallery, Lucky Knot, a blue Unique, Pandora’s Tropicana, Ohm Beads’ Live Your Fantasy, Ohm Bead’s Growling Hippo, Trollbeads’ Blue Fantasy/Smile of Stars/Orange/Smile of Stars/Beach Ball, Ohm Beads’ Cute Chameleon/Ganges, Pandora Tropicana, Trollbeads’ Silver Lining/Aztec, Pandora Orange Flower. 

For a combo I wore it with the Trollbeads Orange/Navy Leather but without any beads on it. Happy Easter!