Wise Bamboo

The Trollbeads Wise Bamboo bead is part of the Mysterious Way Kit. For those of you new to Trollbeads, they sell glass beads kits of 6 (but you pay for 5) or you can buy the beads by themselves. I’ve enjoyed buying the kits because they give a cohesive look right out of the box, so to speak. The kit I received is just lovely. Left to right are Floral Wishes, Wise Bamboo, Rainbow Bridge, Graceful Sky, Violet Stripe and Wild Flowers


So obviously Wise Bamboo looks great with the beads above, but what about other beads I have? First I looked at Milan and Scirocco. 

Then I put it with some of the beads from the retired Native Elements Kit. Bingo!

So, I made a small bracelet using these beads plus a few silvers. I actually only have a few Trollbeads silvers, hence the random seeming theme, ha ha!

The silvers are Mom’s Bouquet, Chat (retired), House and Lamb

Disclosure: On this blog some of the beads I use I have received as samples. 


  1. This collection is so beautiful, not only because greens are my favourites, but because they are all so interesting , especially when grouped. The Native Elements collection is so pretty. Floral wishes is a great bead, too! Thanks for another interesting post, each photo is a feast for the eyes and has the usual effect on me, makes me want to go bead shopping!


  2. Thanks Sarah. I find colour so interesting! I think of green as just being green, but then as I held the bead up to the Tinkerbelle Murano and these other greens I could see all the differences. Have a great day!


  3. You have an eye for colour 🙂

    Wise bamboo looks a super bead. It’s on my very long wishlist!

    I love the native elements kit, and was surprised that it retired quickly. Not sure if that was bcause it didn’t sell well, or maybe it was hard to make. Trolbeads never say, so it will remain a mystery.


  4. Where did you get your Trollbead? I know Earthwork in Brampton carry it. I can’t find any other shop in Toronto area has Trollbead. Earthwork is very friendly, they let you buy 3 get 1 bead free if you ask the owner.


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