Linen Blossom

I wanted to show the beautiful Linen shade one more time before the weekend. The True Beadz True Blossom Linen is so pretty. Notice I have a new place to take photos of single beads, so I don’t lose any more down the holes between the slats of the porch. I hope eventually the wood will weather to a nice grey, but have no idea how long that will take! 😀

I thought maybe the greyish/greenish shade would work with the Humerus bead by Ohm Beads and I think it does!

Here’s the same bangle but in the full sun. 

Then I tried it with the Taste Linen, Air Lilac, Air Baby Pink and Taste Lilac. This might be my favourite look!

But in the end (I was taking a lot of pictures because I’m working full time for a few weeks and wanted to get ahead) I went with the combo with the Humerus and wore it with a rather large stack of bracelets for Easter dinner! 


Disclosure: On this blog some products I use I have received as samples. 

4 responses to Linen Blossom

  1. Svetlana says:

    Hi Martha! These are wonderful colour combos, the one with pink, lilac and linen surely being my fav. What is your new place for taking pictures of single beads? The colour is pretty. I actually chose something similar for some pieces of my home furniture)


    • marthnick says:

      Hi Svetlana! I just love these colours too. Julia has the prettiest soft shade in beads! So I try to take most of my photos outside. We have a small porch in the backyard and a patio. I have lost two beads (one was found) down below the porch. Now I have a big piece of plywood so there are no holes, but I’ll still have to be careful! I bet your home furniture is very pretty!


  2. Debbie says:

    The Linen shade is lovely and a really unusual colour for glass. Julia has a wonderful eye for colour when designing her collections.

    I think linen will be the first beads I get from True Beadz.

    Lovely photos as usual Martha, Thank you 🙂


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