Ohm Beads Teddy Scares

The Ohm Beads Teddy Scares are a series of silver dangles based on the Teddy Scares Universe. The idea is that they are teddy bears who have been discarded in a trash dump and now they spend their nights searching for adventure, love, trouble, all kinds of things.  This one is called Edwin Morose. There is a back story about how he has a broken heart and the soul of a poet. You can read the story and see the rest of the Teddy Scares on the Ohm blog here. The first thing I thought of when I saw him was my brother’s old teddy bear. He is an incredibly well loved bear and has been patched up many times. My brother lent him to me (although I didn’t tell him I wanted him for some bead pictures, ha ha!), but also left instructions about his diet, saying, “For juice he likes to have three oranges sliced in half, only squeeze the bottom halves and then squeeze the top half of a lime….🙄😠.” Yes, we have active imaginations in our family. 


Edwin Morose is very detailed and then there is a tiny dangling broken heart on him. I actually feel that he’s looking up at me, wistfully, like he wants to find an owner to play with him. 

Here is the back of him. The clips are called Metal-ness. I like how the part that goes on the bracelet is a decent size so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. 

Here’s a bangle with some glass Ohm Beads. Left to right are Live Your Fantasy, Thames, Confetti Upchuck and Get in Shape. You can see these and other Ohm Beads on their website

And in the setting sun…

Lastly, here is a photo of a combo I wore the other day, but this shows how he fits in with other beads. Unlike some of my friends who watch The Walking Dead and so on, I’m not really into the horror genre, but this little bear is someone who I can look at and feel like there’s a real soul to him. And now some of you are thinking I’ve gone crackers, but just look at that face! 


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. I prefer when you mix silver and glass beads! You have so wonderful ideas. Personnaly, I don’t use many silvers together, I think they “disappear” … This little bear is amazing, I’l llok for it in my next travel!


      1. I only have the plain Troll ones and 2 Ohm earthish stoppers.

        I have quite a few Pandora, but I do like the Ohm elements set and the RBF stoppers are lovely.

        With limited bead fund budget stoppers always go to the back of the queue and the oooh pretty, sparkly stuff gets priority!!!



      2. Oh, I completely understand! I get so distracted by pretty glass. Until fairly recently I didn’t have much Ohm or Troll silver! Did you see the Perlen 20% sale for this weekend?


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