Floral Wishes/Wild Flowers

To show the last two beads in the Mysterious Ways Kit by Trollbeads, I thought I’d combine them as they work well as a pair. Floral Wishes is the greenish one, Wild Flowers is the pinkish one and they both have flowers on the surface. I actually don’t have a lot to go with them, so have been mostly using them with the Mysterious Ways Kit. This is a kit that I’ve really grown to love. Some kits I’m attracted to right away, like the Happy Summer Kit, but this one is so subtle that I needed to slowly appreciate it.  

 I made a bracelet using the whole kit and then added a few. The House bead makes a nice centre bead, I think, because it’s about the same size as the glass beads, so you can get a very even look. 

Here’s the whole bracelet. 

I also wore the Mysterious Ways Kit beads on the copper bangle. I think they are well suited to it!

Here are the names of all the beads, but first, does anyone have a favourite bead from the Mysterious Ways Kit? If I could only keep one bead it would be the Graceful Sky. I’m still quite memorized by the bluish/pinkish pale colour. 

Left to right are Aztec, Pink Conch, Neptune’s Promise, Pink Desert, Smile of Stars, Floral Wishes, Wise Bamboo, Graceful Sky, House, Rainbow Bridge, Violet Stripe, Wild Flowers, Smile of Stars, Blue Desert, Silver Mountain, Desert Rose and Lucky Knot. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

4 responses to Floral Wishes/Wild Flowers

  1. sarahrigler says:

    I do love the Floral Wishes and Wildflowers, I think I would like to see a few of
    each and pick one from them, as they are so subtle. I really love the softness of this group and your photos really show their beauty. Desert Rose and Blue Desert are now on my wish list, too!


  2. Debbie says:

    I think wise bamboo is my favourite from the kit. on the bracelet Neptune’s promise really stands out, I think you have a lovely bead there Martha. The whole bracelet is really pretty.



    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Debbie. After I wrote that about Graceful Sky bring my favourite I switched to thinking Wise Bamboo was the one I wouldn’t want to be without. In certain types of light it almost can look like it’s glowing!


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