With having no work yesterday it was time for a long awaited beads n’ coffee with my friends at our local Starbucks which had been recently renovated. I made up a greyish bracelet which worked out perfectly as my friends also had neutral coloured combos. 

Here’s my combo up close. 

The Ohm Beads friends are looking at something here, just not sure what. 

Here’s my glass and silver bracelet. 


The Trollbeads Black Silk is such a cool bead. 

Starting from the top left and going clockwise the beads are True Beadz True Air Linen, Trollbeads Smile of Stars, Trollbeads Sandstone/Neptune’s Promise/White Steel, Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever, True Beadz True Taste Linen, Frangipanis Forever, Trollbeads Black Dot/Black Silk/Cliffs/Smile of Stars and True Beadz True Air Linen.