The Uglydoll silver beads are super cute, quite small and really shiny. I’ve only just begun to wear them, so it will take a while to figure out how to best use them. They make a great set, but I think I’ll enjoy and appreciate them one or two at a time. I think they work best with a glass bead in between each one. Left to right below are Babo with the cookies, Ox with the really cute tongue, Ice-Bat with the cute teeth and Wage with his apron and bag of snacks. We used to see Uglydolls in gift shops at all the children’s museums in the USA, but I’m not sure if they are well known in other countries. Even so, I think their appeal can cross cultures easily. 

Here is the Wage and his back, where the apron ties up. The boxes are really cute, too. 


I have several pictures of these little guys. For one, I made a spoof of the Bali picture from the other day. Gotta have a little fun…

 I did try them out on my new Essence bracelet. The size works out perfectly. I know I shouldn’t be putting anything on the Essence bracelet but couldn’t help it. 

  I really like the Uglydolls with the barrel shaped Ohm glass beads that I have. 


Here’s an up close shot of Ice-Bat. As an aside, my cousin is an expert in the white nose syndrome in bats, that is killing them off in droves. It’s very bad for the environment to have lots of bats dying, because they eat a lot of insects and help to control the pest population,so when I look at Ice-Bat I picture my cousin going deep into caves to do her research!


And here’s one last look at the little guys. There’s no way I could pick a favourite, as there’s something very appealing about each one! You can see and read more about them on the Ohm Beads website


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