The other day Mike@Ohm posted a really nice pink and grey combo on Instagram. I really wanted to try to make a pink and grey combo too, but don’t have a lot of grey beads. So I used the Pink Conch, Neptune’s Promise and Sea Anemone from the Trollbeads Delicate Kit. Just realized I now have half of that kit, so someday will try to complete it! 

I decided to combine it with an all silver Redbalifrog bracelet. 

Here’s the cute little Magic Monkey again. To the left of him are Sunflower and Frangipanis Forever. 

The Pineapple has such incredible detail, especially on the top. To the right of the Pineapple is The Nest, which in my opinion is one of the all time great Redbalifrog beads. It had started to snow yet again when I was taking these photos on Sunday! Grrr!


Here’s a view of the whole silver bracelet. 

From left to right, the beads are Calla Lily, Sunflower, Frangipanis Forever, Magic Monkey, Rope, Pineapple, The Nest, Pomegranate, Rope, Night Owl, Frangipanis Forever, Roses and Geckos. 

Disclosure: On this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.