Happy Friday! Today I have a simple Trollbeads bangle as I wanted to use the turtle and flower uniques. It’s always so exciting to see the trees growing buds and the first flowers appear. Also, these beads look so pretty in the sun!

Left to right are Violet Stripe, a unique, another unique, Turquoise Green Dot and Sea Anemone. Look how some blue appears in the Sea Anemone in this photo!

The yellow of the daffodils matches the yellow of the middle unique pretty perfectly!

These little purple flower/weed things made an appearance on the lawn today.

Here’s the combo I wore. With no snow in the long range forecast I’m a happy camper these days!

And here are some completely unrelated bonus photos of the Trollbeads Summer Collection, due June 3. 

Deep Ocean-$94 CAD, designed by Nozomi Kaji, who designed the Mother’s Rose!

Fish Lock-$64, Power Runners-$53, Flip Flops-$36, Swim Fins-$36 CAD